Caretaker Service

Reliable Property Caretaker Services
Property Caretaker

Williams Roofing and Construction offers reliable Property Caretaker services to monitor your property while you are away. If you have a seasonal residence or business that is unoccupied for periods of time our service could be just what you need to provide you with a sense of security knowing your property is being looked after.

Seasonal businesses also regularly hire a property caretaker to maintain property during off-seasons. Summer campgrounds and ski lodges usually hire a caretaker to provide a physical presence to deter intruders when the buildings are empty during certain months of the year. The caretakers job is to protect the property from weather-related harm caused by storms or snow as well.

What are the duties of Williams Roofing and Construction caretaker service?
Williams Roofing and Construction takes care of the security and maintenance of your property, your land and community buildings.

Our duties include:

  • Clearing fallen debris
  • Snow removal
  • Utility power checks
  • Performing simple repairs and maintenance tasks.
  • Performing security checks for the buildings in our care.

If you want that peace of mind knowing that your Business or residence is being looked after while you are far away, this service may be perfect for you.
Call us today to discuss your exact needs and see how we can provide you with affordable coverage.